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This is an interactive, integrated, flexible multimedia platform for the simple, effective management of all the people, objects and applications for the educational process involved in the new "scuola 2.0" paradigm.

DIGISCUOLAITALIA consists of four main modules:

• Core Module: this is the base hardware and software architecture for the implementation of the virtual classroom platform. The architecture consists of a server room in which the network management components are installed (Local Area Network [LAN] and Wide Area Network [WAN]) and the servers for the filing of lessons, a totem (optional) used by the pupils to download the lessons to a USB stick and a variable number of e-learning classrooms equipped for the recording of lessons.

• Tablet Module: supply and/or management of iPads (or other types of tablet PC) to memorise all text books and, optionally, the lessons recorded.

• Online School Module (for the pupils): if the school has internet access with sufficient bandwidth, the pupils will be able to access the Net School services without necessarily having to be in the school building. If they connect to the school website and identify themselves with their username and password, they'll be able to access the lessons in streaming when they take place in one of the multimedia classrooms.

• Online School Module (for the parents): like the pupils, the parents can also gain access to the DIGISCUOLAITALIA services. After obtaining authorisation by username and password, they can access the information on the records of their children (attendance record, communications from the teachers and administrative staff, and test and examination results). The parents can also book interviews with the teachers and communicate with the school for administrative purposes in general (payment of boarding costs, school trips, etc).